The due diligence survival guide.

Confessions of an Unreal Engine 4 Engineering Firefighter

An abnormally polite dialog on immigration

Just one of those days


A sort-of friendly introduction to the DNS protocol.

A Separate Peace by John Knowles. I remember reading the first chapter to this book many tears ago, being captivated by it, and then forgetting the name completely. I’ve been trying to find this book again for years without success until I ran into this SSC comment.

A terrifying account of a software project gone off the deep end.



What the fuck it’s Friday already

Mall Grab <3

A macroeconomics blog I just discovered. Don’t understand any of it buuuuut

A guide on getting great testimonials. Protip: don’t straight up ask for a testimonial.


Hi. Sorry I was late this week, to all my 10 readers. You know who you are.

How To Be Good

dhh on creating a profitable company

antirez is making videos on system performance + redis

Some ideas Patrick Collision (CEO of Stripe) finds useful. I haven’t heard of most of these

principal/agent, diagonal positions, mood affiliation, first- vs nth-order effects, marginal vs inframarginal behavior, fallacy of mono-causation

“What we think of cultural values basically arise from material conditions, up to and including our political systems.”


Good afternoon.


lcamtuf on immigrating to the United States from Poland (twice).

A really fast (exponentially fast) and rather insane algorithm for Conway’s Game of Life.

miss me with that bullshit

One neat trick for talking/empathizing with people.

How the Dutch police infiltrated the dark-web marketplace Hansa.

A deep analysis on income equality: how it’s changed and what drives it.

An introduction to the actor model in distributed programming.