Links for August 17th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

12 hit songs and their original samples PART 1 - YouTube

Lo-Fi remixes of popular songs (v.1) - YouTube

Peter Parker has been listening to too much Death Grips - YouTube

bakape/meguca: anonymous realtime imageboard focused on high performance, free speech and transparent moderation

Music | Mood Hut

Mozaïk | Mozaïk

xxczaki/cashify: 💸 Lightweight currency conversion library, successor of money.js

Math Rock And Emo Chords: Every Chord You Need - YouTube

Upgrade your cargo cult for the win | Meaningness

1# Job Board WordPress Theme 2019 | Job Agencies, Employers

Andrew Chen on Marketplaces

Creating and cancelling a workflow | GitHub Developer Guide

Chicken Pot Pie (As Made By Wolfgang Puck) - YouTube

SEO Case Study: 0 to 150,000 Monthly Visitors in 8 Months

At Booming Toptal, No Stock for Employees or Investors — The Information

The Arc of Collaboration – kwokchain

Episode 931: The IT Guy Vs. The Con Artist : Planet Money : NPR


You have been grossly misinformed about incels

In the Beginning was the Command Line

gatsby-london: Gatsby Starter | GatsbyJS

Links for August 10th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Aku No Hana - OST. Hana ga saita yo, versão especial do episódio 7 - YouTube

The returns to entrepreneurship – Naval

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works, Volume II (CD-1&2) (1994) - YouTube

How to get your first 10 customers

Ibtihaj - YouTube

Channel Tres - Black Moses feat JPEGMAFIA - YouTube

What is Haberman?

The Real Problem At Yale Is Not Free Speech | Palladium Magazine

Why you should become a nurse or physicians assistant instead of a doctor: the underrated perils of medical school « The Story's Story

Why these assignment sheets: The world isn’t going to be a routine place, and writing projects shouldn’t be either « The Story's Story

Adam Townsend on Twitter: "Thread: Here is the advice I once looked so desperately for, it is me talking to me. If you are considering quitting your job, before you leave, take an absurdly long vacation. You will either come back determined to stay or be

Bird’s new Platform program and the rise of the “business in a box”

Visakan Veerasamy on Twitter: "This is a great example of the sort of lazy sales and marketing people do when they think they are being #hustlers. It’s like going around pushing at 1,000 doors marked “pull” then patting yourself on the back. All you

A deep dive in the Vue.js source code - ITNEXT

The maestro of service / As manager of the French Laundry and Per Se, Laura Cunningham achieves the magic in the dining rooms that Thomas Keller conjures in the kitchens - SFGate

Health care is gobbling up your wages - Axios

Why everything you have said about the determinants of health expenditure is wrong in one million charts: a response to Noah Smith. – Random Critical Analysis

Kanye wests “80 degrees but I couldn’t figure out the lyrics so I made my own - YouTube

The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News | The New Yorker

Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library

On The Beaten Trail

The rule against perpetuities

Responding to Firefox 0-days in the wild - The Coinbase Blog

Links for August 3rd

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

Lessons from the East Asian Economic Miracle - Byrne Hobart - Medium

SaaS Pricing Models & Strategies Demystified - Baremetrics

40TIgj8.jpg (2048×1365)

modest proposal on Twitter: "Just finished rereading Netflixed. Good quick tale of the founding through Qwickster. Renewed appreciation for how farsighted and bold Netflix was. At almost every decision point, they went for broke. I want to focus on one of

Pigeon for Gmail - Powerful CRM and automation suite for Gmail.

DJ PoolBoi - Like We Were The Last Two People On Earth - YouTube

puppeteer-extra/packages/puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth at master · berstend/puppeteer-extra

The Invention of Money | The New Yorker

[no title]

Skip the small talk (part one) | Lama Al Rajih

The Best Slow-Cooked Bolognese Sauce Recipe | Serious Eats

i wonder - kanye west (slowed) - YouTube

Clearing Fog – Clearing the fog that shrouds reality

Labi Siffre: My Song Lyrics - YouTube

raxod502/TerrariaClone: 🔥 An incomprehensible hellscape of spaghetti code.

Links for July 27th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

How to write an essay well

Book Review: Mass Movements and "The True Believer" : TheMotte

How to assess the quality of garments: A Beginner's Guide {Part I} — Anuschka Rees

Gamasutra: Tommy Thompson's Blog - The AI of GoldenEye 007

Book Review: From Third World to First, by Lee Kuan Yew [PART ONE] : TheMotte

Lee Kuan Yew Review, Part Two: You are free to agree : TheMotte

Bookmarks that I often share with friends - @visakanv's blog

XXXTENTACION - $$$ ft. Matt Ox - YouTube

Mild High Club - Skiptracing - YouTube

Scrupulosity | Thing of Things

The Glorious, Almost-Disconnected Boredom of My Walk in Japan | WIRED

SQLBolt - Learn SQL - Introduction to SQL

Algebraic Effects for the Rest of Us — Overreacted

Free SaaS tools for companies on a budget (and a pre-formatted budgeting sheet) – Canny Blog

I found the long-lost music video for Godspeed You! Black Emperor's BBF3 - YouTube

RightMessage | The Beginner's Guide To Segmenting Your Email List

How to Build a Life You Love by Quitting Everything Else with Lynne Tye of Key Values - The Indie Hackers Podcast

Part l: A History of Visa — Mine Safety Disclosures

Mine Safety Disclosures

Links for July 20th

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

RightMessage | The 4 Types of Buyer Languages


Book Review: Impro

Using Python, I made an AI that runs a music video channel on youtube. : Python

Crown of thorns - Wikipedia

Jacob's Ladder (1990 film) - Wikipedia

Xi Jinping In Translation: China's Guiding Ideology | Palladium Magazine

Bullet Time

Source - Release It (1993) - YouTube

Have a Nice Life - Voids [Full Album] - YouTube


Magic is Dead, Give me Attention - LessWrong 2.0 viewer

Help with understanding "how to want" something? : thelastpsychiatrist

Calendly Founder Tope Awotona's Success Secret: Growing Up in Nigeria |

chrislgarry/Apollo-11: Original Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code for the command and lunar modules.

Have A Nice Life - Sisyphus (Demo) - YouTube

KanYe West 1997 Beat Tape (All 8 tracks) - YouTube

Residential Proxy Service for Businesses

Defending your early-stage SaaS startup against email spammers – Canny Blog

foone on Twitter: "So, Kodak is weird. And a particular way they are weird has to do with the International Fixed Calendar, as developed by Moses Cotsworth in 1902. It's a calendar designed to be maximally compatible with the standard Gregorian while also

How I made Slide - YouTube

Mental Model Examples

Trennd - Discover rising & hot topics by search volume

History and effective use of Vim

6 Lessons from Year 26 - Nat Eliason

Lessons on a better way to learn | 21st Night

The Accidental Invention of the Best Snack Food Ever - YouTube