Jarvis' 100 most asked reminders

Well, it’s midterm season, which means I’m doing anything except studying for my compilers test tomorrow. I thought it would be interesting to go through all the reminders Jarvis has received and find the most commonly asked reminders. Thanks to our very liberal privacy policy, I used Heroku Dataclips to download a JSON-formatted list of reminders, and then wrote this short script to count the 100 most common reminders:

from collections import Counter
import json

with open('reminders.json') as reminders_file:
    data = json.load(reminders_file)
    reminders = data['values']

c = Counter()
for reminder in reminders:
    reminder_id, user_id, message, timestamp, completed = reminder
    c[message] += 1


Here are the results:

Reminder Count Percentage
to wake up13491.779%
to sleep4630.611%
to eat3500.462%
to study2690.355%
to get up2220.293%
to go home2190.289%
to get coffee2110.278%
to go to work1890.249%
to call mom1870.247%
to drink water1830.241%
to go to the gym1650.218%
to go to school1440.190%
remind you1400.185%
to do your homework1390.183%
to take out the trash1330.175%
to go to sleep1310.173%
to leave1200.158%
to walk the dog1190.157%
to go to bed1130.149%
to shave1040.137%
to work1030.136%
to do your best890.117%
to do homework890.117%
Remind me790.104%
to pay your rent780.103%
to fuck you770.102%
to call730.096%
to go for a run700.092%
to pay rent680.090%
to kill myself670.088%
to go out670.088%
to call your mom660.087%
to take a shower640.084%
to buy milk630.083%
to buy toilet paper620.082%
to eat lunch610.080%
to take a bath600.079%
to do something590.078%
to take your medicine580.076%
wake up580.076%
to do laundry560.074%
to go to gym550.073%
to go520.069%
to kill you520.069%
to have lunch520.069%
to go to meeting510.067%
to say hi500.066%
to pick up laundry500.066%
to leave work500.066%
to check metrics500.066%
to brush your teeth490.065%
to call dad460.061%
to read460.061%
to fuck460.061%
to die450.059%
to exercise440.058%
to run420.055%
to shower420.055%
to pray420.055%
to workout410.054%
to pour tea410.054%
to take medicine410.054%
to poop410.054%
to say hello410.054%
to eat dinner400.053%
to wake you up400.053%
to go to the bank390.051%
to call Mom380.050%
to go to370.049%
to test370.049%
to get ready360.047%
to leave the office360.047%
to take a break350.046%
to have sex350.046%
to work out350.046%
to go to the team meeting350.046%
to go to class340.045%
to take your pill330.044%
to pee330.044%
to go to the dentist330.044%
to wakeup330.044%
to return the library book330.044%
to go to leave work early320.042%
to send email320.042%
to have dinner310.041%
to call mum310.041%
to check300.040%
to drink coffee300.040%
to watch tv300.040%
to fill out your visa forms300.040%
to hand in math assignment300.040%
to masturbate290.038%
to go to the DMV290.038%

Some of those are pretty…interesting.

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