Links for March 2nd

Here are some links I found interesting this week.

ODIE - North Face (Audio) - YouTube

The End - YouTube

Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain - The New York Times

How annual revenue increased by $50 million using Online Experiments – Methods and tricks | Root Shell # _

My Twitch Live Coding Setup – Suz Hinton – Medium

HOMESHAKE - Helium [Full Album] - YouTube

Rental property ownership structure : fatFIRE

FM Skyline : Advanced Memory Suite - YouTube

Feeling Good: Justin's Program - Google Docs

How I grew Gumroad from a 22-hour project to a $350k/mo business - Indie Hackers

How Airtable Became a Unicorn by Reinventing the Spreadsheet | FYI

Strategy post of the week: Bankroll Building using the Kelly Criterion (HU SNGs) : poker

HUSNG 4 beginner series : HU4LOLZ

Zero Server - Zero configuration web framework

visakan veerasamy on Twitter: "Knowing how to use tactical agreement + knowing when to STFU easily puts you in the top 1% of conversationalists" / Twitter

Status as a Service (SaaS) — Remains of the Day


buffcorrell - YouTube


HBR IdeaCast - powered by FeedBurner

Podcast Archives | Radical Candor

Command Line Heroes

Book Review: Developing Talent in Young People, edited by Benjamin Bloom : slatestarcodex

Shlohmo - Ode 2 Tha Whip - YouTube

Omar-S "Just ask the lonely" - YouTube

Level Up with WebAssembly

Satoshi Ashikawa - Still Space - YouTube

cabellwg/exit-vim: Vim plugin that exits Vim on startup

Delegation API | Registrar | DNSimple API v2

Life of a Pixel 2018 - Google Slides

Your migrations are bad and you should feel bad -

Inside Your Love (Swales' In Detroit Edit) - YouTube

Fencing response - Wikipedia

"Huh"? by Mike Judge - YouTube