Stopping childhood lead exposure responsible for a 56% drop in violent crime in the 1990s. Link.

Despite what they say, men and women have a strong automatic preference for monogamy. Link.

This study used the implicit-association test, which is somewhat hard to fake, but not impossible.

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How mangoes became popular in China. Choice quote:

Alfreda Murck writes that when a mango celebration came to a small Fulin village a local dentist didn’t see what was so special. He exclaimed that it just looked like a sweet potato and, for his insolence, “he was arrested as a counterrevolutionary.” The man was found guilty and executed.

Are we in a bubble that’s about to burst? I don’t know, and after reading this, I still don’t know.


I just learned about vDSOs (virtual dynamic shared objects). Basically, relatively safe kernel functionality like gettimeofday() can bypass the whole syscall context switching by using a shared library. (If the kernel doesn’t have vDSO support it will fallback to a traditional syscall).