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lcamtuf on immigrating to the United States from Poland (twice).

A really fast (exponentially fast) and rather insane algorithm for Conway’s Game of Life.

miss me with that bullshit

One neat trick for talking/empathizing with people.

How the Dutch police infiltrated the dark-web marketplace Hansa.

A deep analysis on income equality: how it’s changed and what drives it.

An introduction to the actor model in distributed programming.


A visualization of a 56kbps modem connecting to the internet.

Linguistics is cool.

Census of U.S. Population and Housing. I bet you could find some neat trends in here…if you have some time.

Launched Pricing Engine. It lets you manage your subscription pricing and see metrics in our dashboard. We built it in just 10 days and we’re using it in our other projects!


Uh so I think my days were off or something, but it’s fixed now. I don’t have a lot of links this week so I’ll start with some shameless self-promotion:

An article I wrote on getting to $2000/month with a newsletter.

The actual newsletter.

A very nice explanation of the Y-combinator.

Some useful tips for UI design.

Imagine your worst panic attack. Times it by 100.


The differences between giftedness and genius.

A train station in Japan closes down after the only passenger it was serving graduated from high school.

Next on my reading list: Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China

Related: Chinese lingerie merchants in Egypt (New Yorker, 2015)

A cool demo on waveforms, built in React.


Stopping childhood lead exposure responsible for a 56% drop in violent crime in the 1990s. Link.

Despite what they say, men and women have a strong automatic preference for monogamy. Link.

This study used the implicit-association test, which is somewhat hard to fake, but not impossible.

what lah

How mangoes became popular in China. Choice quote:

Alfreda Murck writes that when a mango celebration came to a small Fulin village a local dentist didn’t see what was so special. He exclaimed that it just looked like a sweet potato and, for his insolence, “he was arrested as a counterrevolutionary.” The man was found guilty and executed.

Are we in a bubble that’s about to burst? I don’t know, and after reading this, I still don’t know.


I just learned about vDSOs (virtual dynamic shared objects). Basically, relatively safe kernel functionality like gettimeofday() can bypass the whole syscall context switching by using a shared library. (If the kernel doesn’t have vDSO support it will fallback to a traditional syscall).